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Assalamu Alaikum, and welcome to my abode,

Enjoy the following pages wherein you will find many interesting and useful bits of information, suggestions and links regarding travel in the great outdoors, especially the incomprable slot canyon country of the southwestern US, that my trusty camel Abu Khaleel (above), and I have enjoyed to date. I love hiking and bicycling (eventually some biking tours will be posted) and you will find many travel descriptions, mine or links to those of others.  Furthermore you will find some great hints and tips for various of my favorite cities which I have lived in or traveled to.

I hope to be returning the favor of the multitude of Netzines' Homepages from whom I gleaned many useful tidbits prior to my travels. These pages are ever evolving and maintaining a webpage is a never ending process; my apologies for any errors and missing or broken links.

I would love to receive comments and/or updates regarding the accuracy of my information especially that regarding the canyons in the Western US which can change from season to season. Also if you have any questions feel free to email me.  I'll try to help you as I can.

Besides that there are pages for my favorite science and SF, interesting links and organizations which I support. Enjoy!