Below you will find links to my favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy sites on the net




Penrose/Hawking:  The Nature of Space and Time

Jules Verne: Site with historical info and books written by the prophetic writer of over 150 years ago.

Isaac Asimov: Comprehensive information site on this prolific author of the last century and one of my all time favorites.

Isaac Asimov's SF Books:  Listing of his SF publications

Ratings of Asimov's Books:  Good guide for someone starting out reading any of Asimov's gooks.

David Brin:  His own home page

TV / Movies:

Babylon 5:  The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Babylon 5:  Official Warner Brothers Site

Star Trek: Official Paramount Site

Lord of the Rings:  by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The Official Lord of the Rings Movie Site.  One of my all time favorite fantasy books.

ST-DS9, Voyager, ST-NG:  Lots of info located on a UK site

The Q Continuum:  Nice Informative Site

It is not safe out there:  Article about Q from Star Trek Monthly


Planetary Data System:  Digital data images from NASA with cool images for your computer screen.

Hubble Space Telescope: Public Pictures, great screen savers

Hubble Space Telescope News:  Latest Images

Oxygen on Jupiter's Moon Europa


Science Fiction Pages:   Great Site for all sort of information on SF TV series.

Space Tethers:  An elevator proposal to eliminate the space shuttle.  Not so far fetched!

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