Grand Gulch 'Big Man' panel:  A rather interesting petroglyph named Big Man.  Your can let your imagination run riot as to what they depict.  Is the one on the left a pregnant woman with a child inside her?  Is the red one on the right committing infanticide? (carrying a child by the head).  Maybe the woman lost the child at birth and the figure on the right represent the God of the Dead taking it away?

This picture I took along a pleasant 10 mile round-trip hike down Grand Gulch from the trailhead  I only ran into two people along the way and a couple of mule deer hiding in the bushes.

Please do not touch the petroglyphs.  Oils from your skin will permanently damage them.  Also you will erode the colors much faster than nature ever will!  Just take some pictures.  Same goes for the ruins.

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