The Websheikh first visited this area in 1996 during a trip to the Needles district (see my photo gallery).  However in 2000 I spent a little over two weeks rumaging around the various attractions and hikes the parks northern part, Island in the Sky, had to offer.  I also was lucky enough to obtain a permit to drive along White Rim Road for 6 days when most people do it in to. If you want to go on this beautiful trail book months in advance! Take your time, and you may have a trip that you will remember the rest of your life.

The park has many hikes that offer spectacular scenery, canyons, thousand foot cliffs, huge salt domes, Anasazi ruins, old coyboy dwellings. It's a geologists dream due to all the geological activity that took place over the last several hundred million years. I had an excellent book on the geology along and it was like reading a live thrill being able to recogize all the rock formations all over the place and understanding HOW they came about.

I made extensive use of the Kelsey's book Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 4th edition.  the book now has a blue cover instead of the read one on my page.

All photos on this page I took with a Fuji FinePix 1400 digital camera.  It's 1.3 MegaPixels are more than sufficient for these web based images.


North of the Park:
Big Brain
The wonders of nature, a human face in rock


Island in the Sky (mesa area):


Salt Dome:
Remains of Impact crater that used to be 2 miles higher!!

White Rim Road:
600 !! year old watch tower Fossilized Romulan Battle Cruiser

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