Bullet Canyon (right)  confluence with Grand Gulch (left): There is a very large open area with several scattered camping sites.  I ran into a whole group heading down to Lees Ferry at the bottom of Grand Gulch.

Some fire killed off most of the cottonwoods in the area.  Too bad since they are wonderful shade trees and I enjoy hearing the rustle of leaves at night.  It could have been a lightening strike since lightening does go down into the canyons but it could also have been careless campers with a campfire of which there are numerous marks.  I am not a friend of campfires, they unnecessarily disturb the undergrowth and degrade the living habitat of creatures and plants in the area.  If your really want a campfire then take along a fire log (about $1.80-$2.50) and cut it into smaller pieces.  I've done that and gotten over an hour out of a third of a log.  

Please be certain that your campfires are 100% out.

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