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Below you will find a list of books that are either related to travel pages on this site or just books that I have tremendously enjoyed reading. If the author of the book has a personal home page a link is provided. While I bought these books at various times and places most books can be found at the following store that makes mail order deliveries: Adventurous Traveler Bookstore.

Hiking the Western USA

[Kelsey Book 1]

Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 3rd Ed.

Author: Michael R. Kelsey
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing
ISBN 0-944510-11-6
Price: US$ 12.95


This is one of my favorite guide books to the canyons area in the Southwest US. For places he has visited in person, Kelsey gives quite accurate descriptions as to how to enter and exit the various canyons described which is quite important for slot canyons where it can be rather difficult finding a suitable entry or exit point given the shallow angel from which you normally are looking down into the canyons. However for areas the author had not visited in person the descriptions could not be relied on with any accuracy. A lot of detail is included amongst: Location and Access: Trail and Route Conditions, Elevations, Hike Length and Time Needed, Water, Maps, Main Attractions, Ideal Time to Hike, Hiking Boots, Author's experience.

[Kelsey Book 2]

Hiking and Exploring the Paria River Updated Ed.

Author: Michael R. Kelsey
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing
ISBN 0-944510-09-4
Price: US$ 10.95


This book falls in the same category as Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 3rd Ed. above except that the areas described differ though there is some overlap

[Sandra Hinchman]

Hiking the Southwest's Canyon Country

Author: Sandra Hinchman
Publisher: The Mountaineers
ISBN 0-89886-208-6
Price: US$ 14.95


This book contains a lot of travel suggestions ranging from short one day car tours to extended multi-day hikes in the canyons of the Four Corners (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado) area. While not as detailed as the books by M.R. Kelsey it is a welcome companion to Kelsey's books rounding out his sometimes sparse descriptions of the areas surrounding the hikes. Note: I have seen a 2nd edition (1997) of the book which is supposed to included several more hikes and color pictures.

[Don Baars]

Canyonlands Country: Geology of Canyonlands & Arches National Park

Author: Don Baars
Publisher: Canon Publishers Ltd.
ISBN 0-9616591-2-2
Price: US$ 5.00 (on sale, Reg. $9.95)


This book contributed much to my enjoyment of the Canyonlands scenery. The text is not too dry and is intersperced with a good dose of diagrams, B&W and color photographs.

[US Dept. of Int.]

Hiker's Guide to Paria Canyon

Author: N/A
Publisher: United States Department of the Interior, BLM
Part #: BLM-AZ-GI-95-027
Price: US$ 10.95


I purchased this not very detailed map/booklet at the Paria Information Station just off Highway 89 about 30 miles northwest of Page. It is handy to have as a quick reference since it includes on Geology, Wildlife, History etc. But a good USGS maps cannot be dispensed of.

[Grand Canyon Treks I   ]

Grand Canyon Treks I

Author: Harvey Butchart
Publisher: La Siesta Press
ISBN 910856-38-9
Price: US$ 4.50


I found this little booklet useful additional information for deciding what inner canyon hikes I'd like to do. It has no maps and almost no photos but the written description are very interesting when read in conjunction with a good USGS or Trails Illustrated map. There are two other books in the series (II and III) and I had a very hard time finding them since it seems that La Siesta Press no longer prints them.

[Grand Canyon Loop Hikes I]

Grand Canyon Loop Hikes I

Author: George Steck
Publisher: Chockstone Press
ISBN 0-934641-19-6
Price: US$ 7.95


This is quite a descriptive book indicating length and duration of hikes between points, where to find water, quad maps to use and emergency exits. Four loop hikes a included from 6 to 9 days in length. The author writes in a style that is enjoyable to read interspersed with his own sometimes hilarious experiences. For the price it is well worth buying.

[Chris Townsend]

The Backpacker's Handbook

Author: Chris Townsend
Publisher: The Oxford Illustrated Press, UK
ISBN 1-85509-200-X
Price: US$ 13.95


"The Backpacker's Handbook is a comprehensive guide intended to both inspire and inform. Beginners and experts alike will find it an invaluable aid." This is quite true as I have found out. The book covers subjects such as shoes, cloths, wilderness cooking, tents, backpacks, rudimentary survival skills, etc. So it is quite comprehensive and detailed but not overbearing. Quite a handy book to have around.

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